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Problems of Wikis

As Wikis enable people to share information over the Internet, most people have positive thoughts about Wikis; however, it also has some drawbacks of the sites. One of the main problems with Wikis is that not every piece of information on the web sites is reliable, especially when sources and information are not cited. People who are unaware of how Wikis actually works, they may assume all the information on the Wikis web site is reliable. For example, a student may find information on Wiki and cite it as reference in his/her assignment. However, after the student got his/her assignment back, the mark of the assignment is normally low and the common would normally state "the reference is unacceptable due to it was from Wikis". Therefore, some organisations and Universities are not allowed their staffs and students to get references from Wikis.

Another issue with Wikis that is people putting up tons of spam to web sites which link to drugs and the like. As everyone can easily access and edit information on the Wikis web sites without effective control by industry, therefore, the spam issue is bringing a lot of troublesome to users. This issue has to be solved by the Wikis industry in the future, other wise it will grow to a huge potential problem.

In addition, people found that too many paragraphs and complicate words in the topic, which requires people to read it carefully and skim through the information.

Overall, there are many other problems with Wikis, there are some links are provided in this web page at the left land site which link to relevant information about problems with Wikis or you may wish to get more information about the topic by using Google.


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