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Wikis in Education

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For students, when they are asked to create website about the group project, probabally, they have to find other group memebers who are familiar with making website for help. Due to this problem, Wiki is much useful now, it provides a simple and useful site to make eveyone who does not have highly skilled has the ability to easily add pages and edit the content. As a result, wiki can allow the students spend more time on their content of projects rather than wasting time on learning and making the website.


Wikis provide a better approach for students to write, alter and hand in the assignment through wikis website. Therefore, the students can provide the website address to the teachers and the teachers can check what the students have done and whether their work is right. In particular, the wiki can automaticlly save the revision history before and after version. It means the teachers can read and provide feedback and comment on the students' jobs anytime.


Wiki is a better place for students to write down their views and opinion about the class which they had before. Since contents can be altered in wiki website, so after one student writes down the issues of a course, other students can get on the web and discuss their points according to these issues, they even can change something which they think is wrong. Consequently, get more reviews that combine different opinion and perspectives regarding to their courses.


Wiki is useful in presentation as well. Recently, some people use wiki in their presentation, which means people in teaching or presenting do not need bring their USB, they just need to upload their powerpoint in web, then open the file online anytime as long as accessing to the school or university internet system. As a result, accessing the files online saves a lot time of the teachers and students.




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