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Wiki is a kind of software that allows users to freely create and edit web page simply using web browser





There are many kinds of wiki sites. Websites which use a wiki model focus in many diferent areas other than encyclopedic. some focus on big areas like business, history, general knowledge, news, definitions.... And there are also sites that focus on specific topics like the star war, mathematics, Java and a specific type of music.

List of wikis



A data systems specialist, Lars Aronsson summirise the following:

When the wiki concept is first introduce to the pulic, assume that a website that can be edited by anybody would soon be rendered unless by destructive input. It sounds like offering free spray cans next to a grey concrete wall. The only likely outcome would be ugly graffiti and simple tagging, and many artistic efforts would not be long lived. But still, it works very well now.






Wikipedia is one of the most popular wiki site. It is a online free encyclopedia. The word 'Wikipedia', is made up with 'wiki' and 'encyclopedia' as 'wiki-pedia'.

Wikipedia has the largest user base among all the wikis. As of April 2008, Wikipedia had over 10 million articles have been written by users all around the world.




This page is written by Becky (Biqi LIANG)


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